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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Play #29 How To Handle An Objection Part I

Dudes, dudettes and aspiring rock stars, this week we’re going to talk about every sales person’s favorite . . . handling objections!

I have a 4 step process I follow. I’ll spare you the cheesy acronym or clichés such as “The 4 D’s of objection handling”. Here it is “cheese free” for your objection handling pleasure

Step 1 Take a chill: Seriously! Did you really think they were sitting playing with the dinger on the cash register thinking “Golly Andy, there’s nothing to do since Floyd kicked us out the Barber shop. I sure hope someone will call selling me something” And another thing, It aint personal! In fact “no” is a conditioned response to any offering made by phone.

While you are taking a chill, understand that most prospects have an auto eject response that they like to fire across your bow to get you off the line. Once you get past auto eject you dramatically improve your chances!

Step 2: Answer the objection I will be offering ideas later this week on how to handle the most common objections. Meanwhile, take a knee ‘cause we need to have a chat.

Stop with the seat of the pants, I’m gonna wing it shit, when you get on the phone. You know damn well that there will be people who tell you not interested, too busy, all set, under contract, send literature, that’s the day I get my back waxed etc. Do you have at least 3 good responses for each? I call this the Triad Theory and you can learn more here.

Homework: Come up with 3 good responses to the objections you face on a regular basis. Bonus points if you brainstorm this with another rep or your sales team!

When you address the objection make sure you don’t over talk your rebuttal. Think guerrilla warfare and get in and get out. Failing to do so gives the prospect another objection on a platter.

Step 3: Redirect the conversation towards a commitment. There is an old sales scripture that states “Thou shall shutteth your pie hole after answering an objection. The first one who speaketh, hath screweth da pooch!”. I have to cry bullshit on that one because they will speak first and you; as the wielder of the silent close will lose fo shizzle. And why the hell would you wait for them to take another swing at you?

My friend Kyle Richardson wrote about a funny experience he had recently when he unknowingly engaged in one of those “Whoever speaks first, loses” pissing contests.

Here’s what Uncle Paul suggest you do after answering an objection: Immediately, redirect by saying : “Why don’t we do this, let’s plan to get together next week. How’s your Tuesday looking or would the end of the week work better for you?”

Don’t ever answer an objection and stand there like a punching bag. Redirect and regain control!

Step 4: Take your lesson. Ask yourself one of the questions I like to call “A million dollar question” which is “What could I have done differently?” Consider taping your end of the conversation with a digital recorder. Coaches play back the video tape after the game. So should you! Jot down some notes in your journal. What did you do right? Obviously you will want to duplicate the good stuff. The key is to make new distinctions each and every time you get on that phone.

That’s how you get lethal!

Stay tuned. More to come on this subject.

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  1. Thanks for forever immortalizing one of the worst days of my life! I owe you one! In all seriousness, though, I really could stand to have 3 back-up responses to an objection. Winging it has not worked out too well thus far! -Kyle


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