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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Play #8 How To Avoid A Case Of "The Mondays"

I've never been one to get caught up in the motivational, "turn that frown upside down" bs. If I'm having a bad day at the very moment when you ask me how I'm doing, I won't belt out an artificial "TERRIFIC".
On the other hand . . .
The thing I needed to learn the hard way was that when it's game time, I better lose (real quick) any hints of what they called "The Mondays" in Office Space!
For several years now, I've kept something by my phone to inspire me to get off my ass and get after the money. I thought it might be apropos as we we begin a new week of opportunity and move closer to our 2009 aspirations!
Everyday . . .

A new business is born that requires your product or service.
A business wants to grow and they need your help.
A sales rep goes M.I.A. leaving an orphaned account for the taking.
A business moves into your area finding it easier to deal with a local company.
A new buyer joins the company looking to make a name for themselves.
That old buyer who used to tell you “No!” may have left.
A vendor drops the ball creating an opening for you.
A vendor gets complacent creating opportunity for you.
A rep fails to offer an idea that you have that could impact your prospect’s business.
A buyer just doesn’t like their rep.
A buyer hates the buying process with their vendor.
A buyer wants to deal with someone who isn’t just about the commission check.
A buyer feels like they are over paying for what they are getting.
A rep misses a deadline
A rep fails to communicate properly giving you an opening.
A company needs the benefits of your offering to help them streamline their process.
A buyer wishes they could find a vendor that would “get it right the first time”.
A referral from an existing account is there for the taking
A “low ball” company can’t sustain quality
A sales rep gets caught in a lie to a customer losing credibility
A vendor implements some stupid, non customer friendly policy
A vendor raises their price making the buyer reevaluate the situation

A buyer gets FED UP!

Our job, in its simplest form, is to find and leverage these situations

Safeguard your attitude from getting a case of “The Mondays” by taking action!


  1. This is good stuff, thank you Uncle Paul! I love going through your blogs and printing out this great information. I've started my own binder called "Berni's Sales Playbook" so I hope you feel flattered and not upset that I am borrowing your idea to store valuable information that will help me evolve as a better business professional.


  2. Awesome stuff Paul! I'm printing this one out and hanging it right where I can see it!


    Gabrielle Gillota
    AGS Custom Graphics

  3. Hi Paul,

    Yet another brilliant and timely list of positive realities to consider. My father had his sayings as well for those times. Years later I learned that he had "borrowed them," from some of his favorite books. Here's my favorite for bad days: "Just remember, they can kill you, but they can't eat you." 1st Sgt. Warden to Pvt. Prewitt--in the stockade--in James Jones's From Here to Eternity.

    Bill Phenix
    92.5 the River

  4. I find that this motivates me on a Monday or any other day of the week.

    ' You've been training for this moment your entire life. The Universe has been conspiring, if you think about it, to put you right here, right now.'

    Another great post, thanks Paul!

  5. I'm going to quote Eminem (I know, I know):

    "If you had one shot, one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted, in one moment, would you capture it, or just let it slip?"

    I feel that keeping this attitude at all times keeps on top of my game. Opportunity may not ever knock, but could be standing outside, just waiting for the door to open.

  6. Stay thirsty my freinds.


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