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Monday, February 2, 2009

Play # 16 Black Belts, Fear and The Economy!

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I know a martial arts instructor who is some kind of kazillionth degree black belt (which means people usually pay his invoice first) He competes in all those MMA tournaments and does quite well in the whoop ass department. I couldn't help but ask him if he still was scared when he climbed into the ring. He told me something that I believe can be applied to all areas of our lives.

He told me that he doesn't necessarily "get scared" he has "respect". I called him out on it (from a distance) and asked him if that was just French for crapping your khakis. He explained that when we fear something, it can get the best of us. It can paralyze us, lead us to ineffective decisions and our ability to execute (aka “kick ass”) diminishes. When you respect a situation, you understand the ramifications and do something about it proactively.

I’m wondering how we could apply this to the present state of uncertainty we are living in with this crazy economy?

Here are a few ways we can “RESPECT” our situations and deliver a sucker punch of our own:

*Respect that this economy is depressing, it sucks and that the more you focus on it, the more it consumes you. Take your reality in bite size pieces. Think twice about watching the news. When you do; utilize a guerrilla warfare strategy and get in and get out!

*Put your body armor on: Get something good in your head each day (before you get to work). Listen to something motivational, some kick ass music, some comedy. If you are about to hit the phones, you can’t beat listening to the “Jerky Boyz”. Remind yourself why you do what you do and who you do it for.

*Make sure you are competitor proofing your business each day. You do that by making your clients look like rock stars! Be mindful of what keeps them up at night. What sucks about their job? How could you streamline a process, improve your customer’s image, help them sell more, be more profitable, have happier employees, increase productivity etc.? Understand that because of downsizing and right sizing employees are doing the work of 2-3 people. Here’s where you get bonus points for the taking: What can you do to get them back to their families sooner each day?

*Stop with the whole “I work smarter” inner dialogue. Of course you work smarter. We all do; but you have to get your uniform dirty as well! Think about how you can work harder in your business. How can you get your uniform dirty today?

*Utilize the “Holy Crap Did I Just Get a Call From My Rep Before 7:00 am” technique: The next time you have an idea for one of your clients (prospects too) Call them before 7:00 am with the intent of getting their voicemail. Leave the following message:

Hi (name of prospect) this is (your name and company) and yes the time stamp is correct on your voicemail; it really is 6:45 am. I was just thinking about your business and thought of an idea we should discuss as soon as you have a minute.

*2009 just called for you. They said to get off your ass already and embrace social media! Are you on linked in yet? Facebook, Twitter? Have you positioned yourself as an expert by writing a blog or an article? While you are pondering that and making a note to look into it, understand that your competitor loves it when you put that stuff off!

Read everything you can on Personal Branding. Think you work for your employer? You actually don’t. People buy you first. What are you doing to open that can of whoop ass we discussed a few blogs ago?

Play #12:3 Ingredients That Make Or Break Your Brand

Play #13 Does Your Can Of Whoop Ass Runneth Over?

*Move your “virtual” relationships into “real time”. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about either. I’m talking about all those people that you email or that you are connected to on linked in, FaceBook etc. Meanwhile, you haven’t met them or had a phone call. In essence you’ve become a master of the “electronic moment” Shame on you if you have virtual relationships with your customers, internal customers and co workers. Want to stand out? Want to connect with people? Start specializing in real time, human moments!

I’ve saved the best for last. Ditch your stupid excuses! Yes, this sucks, yes it’s scary, but battles are never won by a strategy of retreat!

Get in the fight already! The world needs more people who have hit their threshold of being pissed, fed up, and ready to join the good fight.

Just understand that nothing has ever changed because of complacency!

Your assignment is simple: Get pissed, take control and access your inner kazillionth degree black belt and . . .

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