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Sunday, September 13, 2009

When Your Attitude Needs An Enema!

So who would have thunk that a good attitude is imperative if we want to kick ass in sales? Of course we need to have a good attitude but riddle me this Batman, what do you do when thy attitude sucketh, when life keeps taking a poke at the Castain voodoo doll and when the stars are aligned and seem to be spelling “Screw You”?

Here are 12 ways to give that attitude an enema Moy Pronto!

1) Don’t get caught up in that whole “turn that frown upside down” BS! Get it out of your system, vent, talk about it. If you are angry, call it like you see it! If your attitude is a result of a person, clear the air, say what you need to say and then get on with your money activities. Obsessing over negative things makes you unproductive. So does sweeping things under the carpet that need to be dealt with!

2) Beware that misery loves company! This has two deadly sides to it. The first involves our natural tendency to not stop at one thing that pisses us off. We therefore search for other things about a person, a situation and our lives that can join the “F You Party”. The other side of this is that we love to complain to others about how rotten things are. Once again, there is nothing wrong with venting to the right people in your life, when it develops into a “Pity Party” you are heading for trouble and at the very least non productivity! Remedy: When you find yourself taking a negative inventory, interrupt that pattern by taking a positive inventory of all the good things you have. Can’t think of one? How about being above ground and vertical? When you find yourself an active participant in a “Pity Party” simply disengage, end the conversation and get out of there quick!

3) Express your gratitude to someone who has helped you. Doing so reminds you of the good and helps you step outside the things that are bringing you down.

4) Give: Giving takes the focus off of you and is an instant high if you ask me.

5) Move! Motion leads to emotion! Get up, move around. Take a walk. Clear your head. Throw some cold water on your face. Get some fresh air.

6) Smile and Laugh! Its really hard to have a bad attitude when you are smiling or peeing your pants laughing! By the way, do you keep a mirror by your phone? You should. Trust me when I tell you that the person at the other end of that phone can hear it the same way they can hear a bad attitude! Listen to comedy to break your negative pattern. Do you have comedy playlists on your I-POD at the ready as sort of a “Break Glass In Case Of Emergency” pattern interrupt?

7) Are you getting enough sunlight? I make the mistake quite often of getting so wrapped up in my work that I forget to open the blinds or even get outside believe it or not. I can tell you first hand that it makes a big difference in your attitude so make sure you are getting enough sunlight. For those of you who make lots of phone calls and are sort of chained to your desk, perhaps you could bring in a beach chair and make a few of those calls outside on a sunny day?

8) Music: For those of you who didn’t read my post on the importance of music, you will want to check it out here:

9) Power Questions: I completely ripped off this concept from Tony Robbins. Its simply asking yourself questions designed to get you into a more positive productive state. The brain is such an awesome computer that we truly get what we ask of it. Too many times we are so busy asking lame questions such as “Why me?” that we miss an opportunity to leverage the positive qualities. Think about questions such as “What could I learn from this situation?” “What’s funny about it?” “What am I most grateful for in my life?” Action Item: Come up with 5 solid power questions of your own.

10) Stay away from the news! I don’t know who the genius was who assumed that the news has to be filled with murders, foreclosures, wars and disease but there is only so much one can take of it. My suggestion is to simply scan the news items online or the newspaper. Anything beyond that and you are weakening your body armor!

11) Get something good in your head every day. Read about those who made it under impossible odds here inspirational quotes, educational items to help you hone your craft. The more you focus on positive, productive things, the more you build up your defenses.

12) Allow yourself to vulnerable to ask for help. This is very hard for us as sales professionals to do because that wonderful body armor we have called an ego can get in the way of us seeking the counsel of others. To that, I will simply say, sometimes all of us need to get over ourselves and learn how to ask for help.

And if by chance this didn’t do it for you:
How about a full page of Zig Ziglar podasts?
If that dude can’t get you tearing bumpers off of cars, no one can!
OK, good talk. Let's go sell something!
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  1. Right on Paul! Flush that garbage out of the system and grab the world by the, horns! Have a great day!
    Neil Wood Hingham, Mass

  2. Love the image at the top. And, this is a great list of ideas to help get you back on track. Music is one of my favorites. Go Papa Roach!

  3. @ Neil Yep we need to look at it as garbage fo shizzle!

    @ Marci Muchas Gracias and rock horns atcha sista!

  4. Hey Paul,
    Good stuff! as always. I pointed everyone to it on Twitter, just now.

  5. Paul
    Great thoughts. I remember something my Mom always said to me "When you think you have it bad, take a little time and look at everything & everyone around you and how good you have it. Then pull up your boot straps, stand a little taller and get at it".
    Always love hitting the wall then finding a way over, around or through it.
    Thanks for the thoughts.

  6. Hi Paul - thanks for the timely article! I keep a mirror by my desk exactly as you mentioned...if I look grumpy while I'm on the phone, I guarantee it will come through to the prospect/customer. And thanks for keeping the tone of the article light and fun!

  7. In a previous life i was a cubicle dweller. I understand for most it can be a sad and depressive existence. But I always strove to make the best of it. I was constantly being reprimanded for my group bring loud. My defense was always very simple. "I won't argue or try to defend that. But how is the production working for you?" Our group was always above 200% greater than the other six teams. We were pranksters and jokesters. We were loud and we had a lot of fun, but we did produce.
    I agree with the mirror comment. Your smile and over-all demeaner will come through a phone line sometimes more clearly than if you were face to face. I took it a step further and had a comment etched on my mirror. It said, "Smile, it's your boss calling".
    Good article. Thanks for sharing.

  8. An insightfull post. Will definitely help.

    Karim - Creating Power

  9. Another great post Paul!

    I would also add this to point #2: Associate with positive goal-oriented people as much as possible. Their focus will help keep you on track.


  10. @ Kelley: Which is precisely why I hang out with people like you Kelley! Great point!

  11. Retweeted this! Love all the points! I get very irritated with people who complain about their life when they have no illness, no money worries, a family that helps each other, yet they are frequently boo hooing as if burned out on life itself! (maybe they are). If so, they need this post! :D Thanks, Paul!

    Gina Kay
    @ginakay on Twitter

  12. Gina Kay: We all have bad days. Its part of life but I think some think its fashionable to be negative (look at some of the facebook status updates)

    I'm with you . . . let's look at what we really have instead of the opposite!

    Thank you for your kind words and the honor of the RT.

    Paul Castain

  13. Paul - I recently needed some pep in my sales step and this is a great boo-hoo(er) disolver. On too achieving my goals.


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