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Monday, March 2, 2009

Play #23 The Jedi Mind Trick

I believe that the deepest form of rapport/credibility happens subconsciously and is more or less a feeling that we can't articulate. For a warm and fuzzy example of this, think about someone you love and why you love them. Yes, we can create a laundry list of great things about them, but its really a collection of feelings that in many ways can't be expressed.

This belief has served me well in the sales world and I'd like to share a very simple technique with you that will make a very powerful subconscious sale with your prospects and clients.

The first step is to not just do something for a client or prospect. . . PROMISE to do something as in:

Kyle, I promise to get you some samples by Thursday

Chad, I promise to get you that information by the close of business today.

Step two: Fulfil your promise (gold star if you exceed the expectation) and add this powerful phrase:

Like I promised I would


Kyle, I put together some samples, like I promised I would

Chad, I wanted to get back to you with those numbers, like I promised I would.

Here's what I believe happens in terms of internal thought process when I use this technique:

First, the word promise is a strong word with strong emotional attachment. There are also strong consequences for not keeping a promise or breaking a promise.

Next, there is a thought process going on a subconscious level. Something like this:

Paul, keeps promises, integrity, man of his word, trust, follow through, is a sexy bitch (added that as a point that you must never use the Jedi mind trick for evil) etc.

This equates to that feeling someone can't articulate which translates to being in a deep state of rapport with someone which translates into:


I have several intentional words and phrases I use in my day to day with my clients. The repetition is a key component to help anchor the emotion or feeling to you as the sales professional.

Think I'm crazy on this one?

What do you think advertisers do?

I know I'm going out on a limb on this one, but politicians do this too!

Its used in Hypnosis, Psychology and NLP big time!


  • Use the force young Padewon by trying the promise/like I promised I would technique.
  • Be mindful of the words and phrases you use. What negative Jedi mind tricks are you using in your day to day that might be killing your rapport? What Jedi mind tricks can you use to help build your personal brand?

OK, great talk. I promise to write another blog post on this topic soon!

Please pass this along to other Jedi wannabes like us!

1 comment:

  1. Paul,
    Sorry to disagree with you! But that is not a "trick". A trick employs deception, what you are talking about must be done with a great deal of honesty and sincerity (I'm not saying you are dishonest, just making a point). A sales mentor of mine uses this technique flawlessly and every time he does I know he's doing it. And I am OK with that. He claims that if you have built honest rapport and delivered what you promised, when you promised it you could literaly be holding up a sign that said "I am closing you now" for the client to see. The reason being, your client has a deep trust in you and your product and "expects" you to ask for the sale because you have "earned it".
    Thanks for reminding me of that!


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