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Friday, February 27, 2009

Play #22 The Google Trick

As many of you know, I am a big advocate of utilizing a sales mix strategy. This simply means having multiple account acquisition strategies such as: snail mail, email, networking, social networking, creative things etc.
Let's chat briefly about the email thing. Did you ever notice that when you call up some companies to ask for an email address they get very guarded as if you asked them how much money they had in the bank or the last time they had sex?
The next time you want to send an email out and you are getting nowhere fast in getting the address, you need to try . . .
The Google Trick

The Google trick is used to find the email protocol for a prospect. For example do they use first initial last name? Last name first initial, middle finger followed by an ass scratch?
Here's how it works. Go to your favorite search engine and simply type in "" Hit search and it will bring up anything on the web where they have posted their email address and you, Colombo, have cracked the case of The A Hole Who Wouldn't Give You The Email.
It doesn't work every time (none of this stuff does) but if they have posted an email address then you shall have it.
You're welcome!
OK that's it, short and sweet baby. I gotta run, there are young Jedis in Houston that need some of Uncle Paul's Whoop Ass!


  1. Paul,

    Another trick is to use the WhoIs tool with domains. You can collect information about a company that may be other wise difficult. Go to this site (or one with similar services) and type in the domain of the company you are calling on.

    Of course, if you are calling on Wal-Mart it may not help as much as if you were calling on a smaller local company.

  2. Thanks for sharing that tip Eric!

  3. Often Press Releases will have a contact name at the bottom which will help you to identify the protocol.

    Since you are already researching and reading up on recent news...simply take note.


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