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Monday, January 11, 2010

Used, Abused & Monkey Style Kung Fu'd!

What's with us and our need to cling to a tired phrase long beyond its expiration date?

One of our Linkedin Group members (Sonja Mallery) started an interesting discussion on the most overused one liners in the marketplace. There were lots of interesting responses (62 as of this post) but perhaps the most interesting take away was that we each were guilty of at least a few of these.

So, without further delay, I want to present to you a Top 10 list of sorts inspired by a fun group discussion!

1) Adding the phrase "Full Service" to your elevator speech . . . So, does that mean you will check my oil and wash my windows?
2) The phrase "On the planet" . . . Well holy sh*t, you guys must be big because that's like one step away from "in the universe status" No?
3) "Just checking in" . . . Sure. Would you like a smoking or non smoking room?
4) "Let me be perfectly honest with you" . . . No thanks! Just keep lying to me instead. Please?
5) "At the end of the day" . . . Screw that, how about a "nooner" instead?
6) "Think outside the box" . . . Sure, just as soon as I finish trying to color inside of the lines!
7) Can you "sharpen your pencil" on this one? Will do, but first let me place another pin in the crack of the ass on the voodoo doll I have in your likeness.
8) I wanted to "reach out to you" . . . Alright but please don't feel up my face like Patty Duke did in that Helen Keller movie.
9) Irregardless . . . That isn't even a word dude.
10) "Is that your best price?" . . . Oh my God, how did you know that was my throw away price? Get out of my head!
10.5 "If I could show you a way to ______________ would you seriously consider our offer?" Your monkey style Kung Fu is ineffective dude!

So there you have it. Now if you'd like to really get the skinny on all the other tired one liners then march yourself right over to our Linkedin group discussion by clicking this link

Wishing you a great week full of cliche free success!

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  1. I laughed out loud on this one Paul.
    Great job!

  2. How about "I wanted you to be the first to get this deal...."

  3. I loved the word irregardless and in the past used it! So did a few of my customers! Hilarious! LOL! Thanks for waking up the unconciousness Paul and Sonja!

  4. @ Laurie: Thank you. I had a blast writing it!

    @Anonymous: That one has to go for sure :)

    @ Julie: I've used it too but don't tell anyone!

    Thank you all for taking the time to contribute!

    Paul Castain

  5. I thought I was the only one with a voodoo doll on my desk!
    I try not to poke "death" or "dismemberment", but think it's perfectly acceptable to pick "back acne" and "itch you can't reach" when someone bores me on the phone...
    Julie T

  6. @ Julie T . . . That's sick, but I really dig it just the same :)

    Thanks and have an awesome week!


  7. Thanks for the Tuesday LOL. The "to be perfectly honest" lead in always results in the eyebrow lift and crinkle from me. Not a pretty sight!


  8. Paul,

    I should know better by now than read your blog and have my morning cocktail - double espresso sweetened with a Rockstar.

    Number five caused a slight spit-take that landed on my shirt. Thanks, Dude!

    The Dark (and wet) Lord of Staffing

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. @Shawn: To tell you the truth, the "to be honest with you" one is classic :)

    @ The Dark Lord of Staffing (aka John to us mortals) Always wear a bib when reading my blog. You should know better buddy!

    @Dana: The "red headed step child" cliche gets me every time. And let's be real, do red headed step children get treated differently . . . of course they don't. Now, having said that, I have zero tolerence for platinum blonde step children :)

    Thanks for stopping by Shawn, "Dark Lord" and Dana!

    Rock on!


  11. Paul, thank you for reaching out and checking in. Let me be honest with you, You are the best on the planet, irregardless of what the other groups on LI do to compete!

    Sorry amigo, I couldn't resist!!
    You rock!!
    Neil Wood

  12. Hey, irregardless of what *you* think, a word's a word if you say it, and I understand what you mean.

    Now, if I could get that added to the introduction of Merriam Webster, could I interest you in a sponsorship?

    I have enormous respect for someone who writes their own material when they come talk to me about business. When I hear a lotta platitudes and memorised closes, well, I only hear the first half . . .

    (Neil, I knew *someone* would do that, but at least you did it well ;)


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