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Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Question That Will Change Your Destiny

Do or do not . . . there is no try! - Master Freakin Yoda

I love that scene in Star Wars because it illustrates the toughest struggle any of us ever will ever face. A force that can make or break us and quite frankly something that scares the hell out of me!
It scares me because I can take an opponent that I see. Perhaps not the first time, but I will take the bastard, even if my version of taking the bastard is writing them off and moving on. I just don't know of a way to take an opponent that I can't see. Worse yet; how about when I finally do see that opponent and it turns out I have been shaving his face for the last few decades.

Jerry Wilson is one of my partners in crime in my Linkedin group Sales Playbook

Jerry posed an interesting question. It's a question that many of us have heard before but for whatever reason may have dismissed it. He asked:

"If you knew nothing could stop you, what actions would you take in your business this week?"

While this is a question you need to answer on a personal level, here are a few suggestions to get that incredible mind of yours going:

1) I would call all the businesses that I have been avoiding initiating contact with. Maybe deep down I felt I wasn't worthy or they were too big for us.

2) I would call everyone back that told me "No", rejected my proposal or went with one of my competitors. For all I know, something has changed that would encourage them to take another look at me!

3) I would kick every personal fear, limiting belief and bad habit of mine in the ass and evict them once and for all from my life.

4) I would identify one business relationship that needs some work, stop blaming the other person, take personal responsibility for it and commence the mending of the proverbial fence.

5) I would find one thing that I have been putting off that I know would help my business, and get the action verbs flowing!

But that, ladies and gentlemen is my safe answer to Jerry's question. I found myself defaulting to a very safe place I like to call "coaching mode" In coaching mode, I get to avoid my inner bully and wuss out!

I guess when we break it all down, strip away my tough outer shell, my success, this blog and all the other things, I'm scared shitless like you! The scariest part of it all is that I never saw it coming! I guess I always thought I was giving it my all but in reality I had the throttle opened up about 25% of the way.

My inner bully is getting the best of me!

So, that being said, what would Castain really do?

Uncle Paul pouring his heart out in 3, 2, 1 . . .

1) I would start that diet I have been putting off because I have been afraid that I would fail!

2) I would move a few things forward with my book. Actually I would move everything forward because I have been afraid in that department too!

3) I would mend some personal and business fences but first I would check my ego at the door! Once mended, I would work harder at keep them mended!

4) I would present a new training program to Consolidated Graphics that I have been putting off for almost 2 years.

5) I would rethink all of my goals because many of them were created when I lost everything. Perhaps I need to attack them from the perspective of already being successful and going to the next level!

6) I would think bigger and cast a line out into the ocean for bigger fish. Perhaps I have been guilty of fishing for smaller fish because all I have is a "little bitty fryin pan" as Zig Ziglar says!

7) I would embrace my inner bully and head butt that bastard but not before asking "How do you like me now Bitch?"

Today's reflection:

1) What would you do in your business and personal life if you knew you couldn't fail? Why would you do it?

2) What's holding you back? What scares you? What does your inner bully look like?

3) Get pissed and kick the crap out of that inner bully! Do something about it NOW. Evict the son of a bitch!

So, here we are, brand new week . . . What are we going to do with it?

Here's to new beginnings!


  1. Paul, I've read so many good things about and from you in the past month, that I KNOW with certainty, you can do anything you put your mind to. Look how far you've come since your driveway became larger. I'm cheering for you!
    Neil Wood

  2. This post has been driving me forward all week. Every morning I've planned my day starting with the task I'm most afraid of and wacking it out of the park before I finish my coffee. Thank you for the idea and for the motivation!

    Julia Bryan
    CGX Prague

  3. Paul, I really needed this kick in the rear! I know that I can't conquer what I won't confront and your article forced me to stand toe-to-toe with my inner bully, look her square in the eyes and say "No more trying - Do or do not!" Thank you!

    Crystal Williams
    Electric City/CGX


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