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Friday, February 13, 2009

2 New Launches

I wanted to bring you up to speed on two new resources coming your way within the next few weeks.

The first is a new linked in group for sales professionals.
The other is a new home for this blog on a dedicated website.

I have lots of material to share with you, guests lined up to interview, guest bloggers and all kinds of surprises that wouldn't be surprises if I told you!

Here's where I need your help.

I would like for you to shoot me a quick email or just leave a comment here if its easier. Think about the following questions and give me your thoughts:

What would the ideal linked in group look like? What are the existing sales groups missing? What should we avoid?

What would the ideal sales blog look like? What topics need to be discussed?

Feel free to email me: or simply leave your comments here.

As always, I appreciate you stopping by and the input and suggestions you have been offering.

And before I forget . . . GO SELL SOMETHING!


  1. Hey Paul,
    Great to hear this blog will get its own website! I think a forum for users to post questions, as well as answers, would be a great resource. Also any links to websites you strongly recommend as sales tools would be helpful also. Thanks and keep me posted!

  2. @Kyle:

    Thanks for the input and thank you to those who have emailed your thoughts.

    I had no idea I had so many people reading this :)


  3. What would the ideal linked in group look like? A place for people who would like to be resourceful with one another in terms of sharing best practices for sales or business, success stories, network connections, good reads, life experiences, etc.

    What are the existing sales groups missing? Existing groups tend to have participation only from a small percentage of the group members. You tend to find the same people contributing and a large majority not providing any value to the group.

    What should we avoid? Shameless plugs and annoying advertisements are so tacky and I strongly believe that if one wants to participate in a group, self-promotion should be more tasteful and done at an appropriate time.

    What would the ideal sales blog look like? Sales blogs should contain hot topics that provide value to people of all experiences and levels within the organization. Everyone should be expected to contribute whether posting the discussion or commenting on it. Keep it clear and concise so that it is easy to read and doesn't take up too much time for me to read.

    What topics need to be discussed? Selling tips, success stories, inspirational stuff, networking tips, prospecting tips, communication tips, seminars and workshops, good reads, self-improvement, etc.

  4. @Bernadette:

    I agree with all your thoughts and will add these to the list.

    One thing I am seriously considering in the linked in group is being more selective on membership and enforcing a strict rule of contribution. I'm really not interested in having the group with the most members. I do insist on having the group with the most meaningful discussions.

    Thanks again. Lots of great thoughts for me to ponder!


  5. I have to agree with the previosu comment...

    What should we avoid? Shameless plugs and annoying advertisements are so tacky and I strongly believe that if one wants to participate in a group, self-promotion should be more tasteful and done at an appropriate time.

    I despise sifting through groups looking for a worthwhile thread. I'm curious if anyone posting blatant look-at-me "discussions" sees positive results...probably not.

  6. A little shot of Jerky Boys to get the heart pumping. JN

  7. Great Ideas here Paul,(must scmoose the blog leader)
    One of the things that I would love to see on a sales blog like this is open discussion about real life selling situations that we find ourselves needing feedback on. I think we all talk about ideas and general practices which is great but what about talking about how to handle our actual sales situations. Now you are probably saying "Hey guy with all the spelling errors and bad grammer. Give me an example." Well here is goes. I was in a meeting last week in which I was supposed to pitch to 1 person, but when I got there 6 more people had been included in the meeting. I didn't do my best because I was caught a little of guard. Does anyone have any ideas of how to not only work it out, but to also thrive in that situation.
    This sort of thing I think would really help me to better my skills and try some new approaches. Think outside the circle if you will.


  8. @ Srankins and Jnigro, thank you for your input.
    @ Jnigro you never have to ask me twice when it comes to the Jerky Boyzs. Isn't that right tough guy???

    @ Dale. I think that's a great suggestion and we will start this week (Weds or Thurs)

    Stay tuned.

    Keep the suggestions coming!


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